Call to Stewardship

The theology of Stewardship (Time, Talent, Treasure) is grounded in the conviction that everything belongs to God and our response can only be one of gratitude.

Time: means we give time to the Lord through private prayer and our family attending Mass each weekend at St. John the Baptist in union with fellow parishioners.

Talent: means our giving is out of gratitude, it is giving for the sake of giving without strings attached. We commit ourselves to giving 1% of our gross family income or we must be realistic in the amount of our gross family income. We renew our commitment each year. None of us wants to short change God.

Lord, it is you who calls us to Stewardship in our lives. It is you who sowed the seeds of talent in us and have helped us to harvest a multitude of blessings in this world. Bless our parish, strengthen our faith and grant us the spirit of Total Stewardship so that we may give generously of our time, talent and treasure to the spreading of your kingdom here at St. John the Baptist Parish and throughout the world. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

St. John The Baptist Church, Thane
A total Stewardship Community

Ministries Please list ministry number in which you would like to be involved in the year 2022-23.

1. Altar Servers
2. Choir
3. Organist
4. Musical Instrument
5. Lector
6. Eucharistic Minister
7. Communion to the homebound
8. Liturgy of Word for Children
9. Bible Study
10. Comtemplative Prayer
11. Prayer Line
12. Church Art & Environment
13. Liturgical Dance/Drama
14. Christian Initiation RCIA
15. Parish Retreat
16. Sacristan
17. Usher
18. Greeter
19. Faith Sharing

20. Photographer
21. Newsletter/Writers/Layout
22. Typist/Word Processing
23. Public Relations
Community Service
24. Visit home bound
25. Provide Transportation
26. Grand parenting Program
27. Prayer Line
28. Senior Citizens Club
29. Bereavement
30. Mourning Committee
31. Social Justice Committee
32. Childcare during events
33. Habitat for Humanity/Housing
34. Legion of Mary
35. Council of Catholic Women
36. Elizabeth Ministry
37. Substance Abuse Ministry
38. Health Ministry
39. Ministry with the disabled
40. Parish Nursing Ministry
41. Mission (Charities) Committee
42. Civic and Political Cell

43. Parish Office Volunteer
44. Computer Input
45. Church Cleanup
46. Grounds Keeper
Building Maintenance/Repair
47. Plumbing
48. Painting
49. Cleaning
50. Carpentry
51. Electrical
52. Roofing
53. Architect


54. Special School Events
55. Teacher’s Aide
56. School Library Volunteer
57. Rainbows/Children suffering divorce and death in family
58. Religious Ed
59. Summer Religious Camp
60. Baptismal Program
61. Adult Education
62. Neighbourhood Apostolate
63. Welcome New Parishioners
64. Vocations
65. Remembering/Outreach to Inactive Catholics
66. Youth Ministries
67. Confirmation
68. Prison Ministry
69. Family Counseling
70. Marriage Encounter
71. Natural Family Planning
72. Marriage Preparation
73. Engaged Encounter
74. Separated and Divorced
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